{Booze} Kurant Cherry Blossom Fizz

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I got older and someone gave me a bottle of Cherry Blossom Elixir for my birthday. I decided to experiment with it.


I decided to take a bottle of vodka that I purchased awhile ago to make Moscow Mules (remember that?) and combine it with one of the recipes on the back of the bottle.

I know it says adventurous cocktails, but let’s not get too crazy… What I did chose for this cocktail was Absolut Kurant vodka – so maybe I was a little exploratory with this cocktail. I really developed a taste for Kurant when I was introduced to it in London during a few homestays. I wish it was as big in the United States as it is there.

So here’s the recipe I used to make this floral yet fruity concoction.


Kurant Cherry Blossom Fizz

2oz Absolut Kurant Vodka

0.5oz Cherry Blossom Elixer

Top with club soda

I combined the vodka and the elixir in the tumbler. Then poured into a martini glass and topped with the club soda.

The cocktail was a light cherry blossom shade of pink, which was gorgeous to look at.  It was perfect to drink poolside. The elixir itself has cherry and cherry blossom extract so I can imagine that it would be good with a cherry vodka or St. Germain.

IMG_5946I garnished with one of the flowers in the backyard. Lovely, no?







One thought on “{Booze} Kurant Cherry Blossom Fizz

  1. Ah! I love anything pink. This would have been perfect for my pink-and-sparkly-themed bachelorette party. ❤


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