{Booze} Hennessy X.O unveils first bar accouterment with Paul McClean and Armie Hammer

Like a fashionista, a classy drinker must have the appropriate accessories… Drinking out of the wrong glass for your martini is a complete no-no. And unthinkable!

Hennessy X.O is telling the world how to serve their cognac. They unveiled their first bar accouterment at an intimate dinner in Beverly Hills hosted by actor and philanthropist, Armie Hammer. “Hennessy X.O on Ice” celebrated the spirit’s partnership with the acclaimed architect, Paul McClean, who masterfully designed the ice bucket. This avant-garde design encourages the serving of Hennessy X.O, the world’s original Extra Old Cognac, on ice to best enjoy the spirit’s multisensory taste odyssey.

Designed to look like a chiseled ice block, this bucket is intended to hold ice which when served with Hennessy X.O, the modern way to consume Cognac, opens the flavors of the blend and provides a multisensory tasting journey. Hennessy X.O’s partnership with McClean is a testament to the brand’s continued commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.


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