{Beauty} Lucid Candles to Eluminate Your Room

I love candles. They sure know how to set the mood for anything really.  It’s pretty much a sad day when your favorite candle is burned down to the wick, but recently I discovered Lucid Candles. What I like about them is the unique designs on the outside and the ability to just refill them with oil. Plus there are different disks to add on top to give the candle different and interchange scents.

IMG_2839So I filled my lace designed candle with oil and left an inch at the top. Once filled, I placed the top with the wick to drip into the wax. I gave it 2 minutes before I decided to light the candle, so the wick gets nice and drenched with the oil.


I decided to put the candle in a shallow basket with my shell collection. I think it looks pretty great now. It was pretty boring before that. IMG_2845

I likIMG_2849e to put my Lucid Candle on with my diffuser and salt rock lamp — yeah I have one of those — when I write. It happens to on now.

Learn more at LucidCandle.com



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