{Beauty} Facial Magic Except for Your Upper Eyes

I am all about anti-aging in the last few years, especially in the last few years.  That’s why I like the concept of Cynthia Rowland‘s new book Facial Magic, the revolutionary facial exercise system that helps women aged 25 and up to lose 10 to 15 years off their faces. AMAZING, no? Doing the European spa exercises that help tone, tighten and lift facial muscles.   Here are a few exercises for your upper eyes to prevent aging – -head’s up, you will need some gloves for this:

  1. Relax your eyebrow area and
    then place the three middle
    fingers of each hand directly
    under your eyebrows.Bookcover.png
    2. Drop the palms of your hands flat
    against your face.
    3. With the pads of your fingertips
    directly under your eyebrows,
    push your eyebrows upwards
    and slightly outwards.
    4. Hold your eyebrows in this
    position with your eyes open.
    5. Push your eyebrows down
    against your fingertips while
    holding your eyebrows high, and
    hold the contraction for five (5)
    6. Remove your hands from your face.
    7. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale through your nose.
    8. Repeat the three remaining sets holding the contractions for ten (10)
    seconds each. At the seventh second, close your eyes, keeping your
    eyebrows held high.
    9. Remove your hands from your face. Breathe in deeply through your nose,
    and exhale through your nose.
    Most likely your eyebrows responded immediately and you saw lifting. Perhaps
    you could see the difference for only a few seconds but it was there. This
    exercise will definitely lift your eyebrows, and the difference will become
    Facial Magic™
    permanent over the next few weeks. Soon your friends will begin asking if you
    have changed your hair or your makeup routine. They will notice that something
    is different, but they will not be able to distinguish what the change is.
    Special Eye Circle Exercise: Use your ring fingers, apply eye cream to your
    under eye areas using a dabbing motion.
    Start by placing the tips of your ring fingers under your inner eyebrows and
    continue outward and then inward towards your nose until a full circle has been
    completed. Circle both eyes simultaneously, gently, with your ring fingers for one
    hundred times.
    This easy exercise is performed very quickly. It is performed using a very gentle
    motion. No tugging, pulling, or stretching of the skin is allowed. It is an excellent
    way to increase the circulation to your eye areas, which helps to alleviate the
    appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

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