{Booze} VieVité Rosé for Summer and to #ROSEALLDAY

Summer is nothing without a nice light Rosé. It’s very light and airy and goes with most yummy delicious seasonal morsels — we’re talking to you BBQ!

IMG_5770.JPGTo start my summer right, I popped open a bottle of VieVité made at Domaine Sainte Marie, a renowned vineyard dating back to the 18th century and known for its true expressions of Provencal Rosé wine. What drew me to this bottle was the unique shape with the delicate pink color.

VieVité is produced from grapevines averaging 25 years old, and offers a fresh and delicate aroma of cherries and strawberries coupled with notes of spice to create a satisfying sensation on the palate with a forward fruit nose of peach, grape and apricot. It was It’s a little darker than most Rosés in color, but very light and crisp.


I really enjoyed this bottle a lot and would recommend it to any Rosé
lover. #RoseAllDayEveryDay


6 thoughts on “{Booze} VieVité Rosé for Summer and to #ROSEALLDAY

  1. Rose is always my favorite wine no matter what the season is! A light rose is perfect for summer though!


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