{Beauty} LAFCO Beautifully Crafted Candles

Smelling good is incredibly important… You should smell good, but your house should smell just as delicious as you. The subtlest scent can really set the room just right. LAFCO has created the high-quality candles using the internationally acclaimed perfumers to add a story scent to your room.


I received two candles packaged in big white boxes — I was impressed. Inside were the large candles with hand-blown glasses. I liked knowing that these candles were bigger than expected since they are soy based, which I find burn down quick.

The first candle I lit was LAFCO’s Fog & Mist Candle that embodies a citrus marine fragrance has notes of crisp and juicy grapefruit, orange, green apple, cucumber, and ripe melon that combine with rare damascene rose and lily-of-the-valley to create a velvety textural sensation with a misty finish. I felt like this was perfect for the rainy day. So fresh, so clean. $65, lafco.com

When I was finished with the first one, I moved on to LAFCO’s Duchess Peony, that I was dying to try.  This candle is a sparkling floral fragrance that smells like a lush bouquet of silken Peony Blossoms and sophisticated with pink Rose as the centerpiece for this exquisite mix, which is at once delicate and majestic. Rain Mist gilds glistening Cassis Berries, framed by a field of soft Camellia and powdery Floral Musk for a subtle, feminine finish.$65, lafco.com.


Each candle has a 90 hour burn time and is totally worth the money.  This is perfect for pampering yourself and your house or to give. Purchase at lafco.com



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