{Beauty} Sweet Treets for your Skin!

My obsession for thick lotion is well documented and Treets was a product I was most definitely interested. Not familiar with Treets?  Treets Traditions focuses on the ancient customs of our ancestors who used to heal themselves with what they found in nature, using a blend of unique herbs in their products with remedial properties.  


My sample happened to be from the Amazon  Energising Secrets Collection that was inspired by natural ingredients from the Amazon that invigorate the senses with their fresh and fruity fragrances. Ingredients like Tamanu, Buriti, Passion Fruit, and Sacha Inchi oil are included to help moisturize and protect skin with the same natural ingredients women have been using in the humid Amazon environment for centuries.

IMG_3209I untwisted the top of the uniquely shaped jar and found a textured lotion that was very beautifully fragrant. Once applied to the skin, I found the formula was thick and rich. I really enjoyed it and was long lasting. I highly recommend this product.

IMG_3214Beat the heat and keep skin protected, moisturized and refreshed all summer long with Treets. $20.00-$25.00, ulta.com 


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