{Booze} Boozy Milkshakes at LT Burger

OMG– This is all I ever dream off… Well, kind of.. WE all know alcohol and milkshakes are two of the world’s greatest inventions, but when combined the results can be of epic proportions.  Hampton’s hotspot LT Burger offers a relief from these 90 degree temps with its “Rated R Milkshakes” that’s sure to keep you cool…and tipsy.  Current menu items include Mint Madness (mint ice cream, mint liquor, York peppermint patty), Sag O’ Chocolate (chocolate ice cream, oreo, amaretto, Godiva liqueur) and Barking Bourbon (jim bean and maple pecan ice cream).


LT Burger, named after owner and three-star chef, Laurent Tourondel, is a Sag Harbor “soda shop” focusing on tasty burgers and desserts. I want this badly. If I am ever in the neightborhood, I’m going for the R Rated Milkshake.

LT Burger

62 Main Street

Sag Harbor, NY



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